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New on Postcard: Design refresh 🧑‍🎨 and better SEO 🚀

Postcard Updates
Thanks for using Postcard! Here's what is new:

🚀 New Features:
  • 📍 Search engine sitemaps: Sitemaps enable search engines to find all of the pages on your site.  Every Postcard page now has a public sitemap at `/sitemap.xml`, such as That sitemap contains all public pages on your Postcard - including the homepage and past posts. Google will find the sitemap automatically via the `robots.txt` file. But, if you want to monitor your SEO - then you can submit your sitemap through Google's search console.
  • 🧑‍🎨 Design refresh: I improved the design of pages and posts. Plus, your latest post is more prominently featured on your homepage. Check it out on any Postcard site - such as
  • 🔎 Better SEO with canonical meta tags: Postcard pages now have canonical meta tags, which should improve SEO. I added these after noticing that Google Search Console had trouble dealing with some backlinks that contain query parameters. 
  • 🔭 See referring domain of new subscribers: When people subscribe to your Postcard, now the "New Subscriber" email notification that you receive will include both the referring website (if any) and landing page of the user. That way, you can get a sense of how people find your Postcard. 
➡️ Next: Letting visitors more easily discover past posts, and adding a showcase of Postcards to the marketing site.

Thanks for all of the feedback 🙏 

What would you like to see next? Respond here or email to let me know 🙌