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Here's the latest update for Postcard to help make your personal website + newsletter the hub of your online identity.Β  πŸš€ Updated writing experience on postsPosts are the core of Postcard sites, and can be used for both evergreen essays and ephemeral news.Β  Today we're launching a major update to how posts get written and published on Postcard.Β  We've rewritten the process of drafting, reviewing, and publishing posts with: 1. A sleek, modern text editor that makes writing posts easier 2. A cleaner, more intuitive interface optimized for long-form writing 3. Auto-save functionality, so you never lose your progress while you write We'll continue to improve this text editor with additional features in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. Try out the new writing experience by signing into Postcard and writing a new post. And, email us your thoughts and feedback!
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New on Postcard: Edit + archive posts, Google sign-in, and more!

Last week Postcard launched on Product Hunt and Hacker News. Hello to the hundreds of new Postcard users who signed up! πŸš€ New Features: β€’ ✍️ Edit and archive past posts:Β The #1 most-requested feature during launch was the ability to edit or archive past posts. Editing posts will update what's displayed on your website, and archiving the post will hide it from the website. β€’ πŸ”‘ Google sign-in: To make logging in and signing up easier, you can now sign into Postcard with Google. This works for existing accounts, too! β€’ πŸ™‹ Feedback form: While logged into Postcard on a desktop, there's now a little "Feedback?" button in the bottom-right. Use it to submit any ideas or issues while using Postcard! ✨ Improvements: β€’ The "Gallery" page in the app now shuffles the order of sites every hour. Β  β€’ Fixed: Sometimes "new subscriber" emails would send multiple times ➑️ Next:Β  β€’ Edit the "Published at" time on posts β€’ Making it easier to change the brand color and cover photo on a site β€’ Some experiments πŸ”¬ πŸ‘‰πŸ» One more thing:Β Want to import your mailing list or posts from another site (like Substack or Mailchimp)? Just export and email it to and we'll import it to your Postcard! What would you like to see next? Respond to this email to let me know!Β 
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New on Postcard: RSS, easier post sharing, and more!

This is an occasional update about what's new with Postcard, the easiest way to start a personal website and newsletter! πŸš€ New Features: β€’ πŸ“Ά RSS Support: Postcard's most-requested feature is live! All pages now have a full-text RSS feed. RSS readers should detect support automatically via a meta tag. For those who don't use RSS - know that it's another way for people to follow your posts, and it can be a way to integrate with tools that support RSS. β€’ Β πŸ‘‹ New share modal: Write once and share everywhere! All posts to your Postcard newsletter automatically appear on your page, like a blog. For people that don't subscribe to your newsletter, we're making it easier to share your posts on other sites - such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Postcard now prompts you to share new posts on other networks. The goal is that you can write once on your Postcard and share it on any social networks you choose: ✨ Improvements: β€’ Refreshed the homepage, including featuring some sites made by Postcard users. Check it out! β€’ Links now open in a new tab on desktops, including on the homepage and in posts. We heard that people prefer this behavior. πŸ› Bugs: β€’ Fixed: Profile photos in emails were buggy. β€’ Fixed: Small images weren't centered in posts. β€’ Fixed: The loading spinner on the "subscribe" button was triggering too often. Β  ➑️ Next:Β  β€’ Updating the domain connection process for new users What would you like to see next? Respond here or email to let me know πŸ™Œ
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New on Postcard: Design refresh πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨ and better SEO πŸš€

Thanks for using Postcard! Here's what is new: πŸš€ New Features: β€’ πŸ“ Search engine sitemaps: Sitemaps enable search engines to find all of the pages on your site.Β  Every Postcard page now has a public sitemap at `/sitemap.xml`, such as That sitemap contains all public pages on your Postcard - including the homepage and past posts. Google will find the sitemap automatically via the `robots.txt` file. But, if you want to monitor your SEO - then you can submit your sitemap through Google's search console. ✨ Improvements: β€’ πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨ Design refresh: I improved the design of pages and posts. Plus, your latest post is more prominently featured on your homepage. Check it out on any Postcard site - such as!Β  β€’ πŸ”Ž Better SEO with canonical meta tags: Postcard pages now have canonical meta tags, which should improve SEO. I added these after noticing that Google Search Console had trouble dealing with some backlinks that contain query parameters.Β  β€’ πŸ”­ See referring domain of new subscribers: When people subscribe to your Postcard, now the "New Subscriber" email notification that you receive will include both the referring website (if any) and landing page of the user. That way, you can get a sense of how people find your Postcard.Β  ➑️ Next: Letting visitors more easily discover past posts, and adding a showcase of Postcards to the marketing site. Thanks for all of the feedback πŸ™Β  What would you like to see next? Respond here or email to let me know πŸ™Œ
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New on Postcard: MUCH faster sites 🏎, better email branding πŸ“Έ, and more

Thanks for using Postcard! And, hello to the folks who discovered it through Hacker News last month πŸ‘‹ I've been busy making Postcard better based on your feedback. So, I'm starting this periodic update about what's new and improved. ✨ Improvements: β€’ 🏎 Speed improvements: Postcard sites are now a lot faster! I did this by improving how caching, content delivery, code splitting, image compression, and more work. This creates a better experience for people looking at your website! β€’ πŸ“Έ "Confirm your subscription" emails now use account branding: Before, when somebody joined your mailing list - the email template showed the Postcard branding. Now, it shows your account branding instead πŸ‘ β€’ πŸ–Œ Styling enhancements: The background of Postcard pages is now pure white instead of a light gray, to make it less opinionated. Bullet points have a darker gray now. Made cover photos bigger on desktop. Tweaked some text spacing.Β  πŸ› Bug fixes: β€’ Fixed spacing on some email templates where there wasn't enough padding between the Postcard logo and text πŸ“¬ Highlighting some new Postcards: β€’ β€’ mitchellatlas.comΒ  β€’ q.uent.inΒ  ➑️ Next:Β I'm adding more ways to view past posts.Β  Thanks for all of the feedback πŸ™Β  What would you like to see next? Respond here or email to let me know πŸ™Œ
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