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Postcard pages now show your latest post on the homepage

Postcard Updates
This is a new list - - to let you know about the latest updates to your Postcard page!

I've been working on making it easier to share your posts online. Today I'm sharing two updates:

1. Public posts

Posts to your mailing list now each get a public link, kind of like a blog post. Access public links on the "Posts" page of your account, and share them on your online accounts - such as LinkedIn + Twitter. Each page ends with an email signup form, so that people can subscribe to your future updates.

Check out an example here:

2. Your homepage now shows your latest post

Personal websites can feel outdated because people don't update them often. Now, Postcard features your latest post on your homepage with a "New" label. This keeps your page feeling relevant and dynamic.
Example of a new post featured on


Try these features out, and let me know your feedback!

And, if you're new to Postcard, create a free account here!