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New on Postcard: Redesigned dashboard, easier domain connections, and more!

Postcard Updates
This is an occasional update about what's new with Postcard, the easiest way to start a personal website and newsletter!

🚀 New Features:
  • 👨🏻‍🎨 Redesigned app:  Log in to the Postcard app, and things should look updated! The navigation has been completely redone:

    New Dashboard
  • 🔌 Easier domain connections: Connecting a domain to a website is a slow, technical process. Postcard now makes it much easier:
    • Don't have a domain? Postcard partners with Google Domains to find and connect a domain to your page.
    • Already have a domain? Postcard uses a new service called Entri to automate the connection process to your existing registrar .

      Try domain connections by clicking "Connect a custom domain" in the app! 
  • Gallery in the app: Discover other Postcards while logged in, and submit yours to the gallery
➡️ Next: 
  • Announcement planned for Thursday - stay tuned!