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New on Postcard: Updated writing experience

Postcard Updates
Here's the latest update for Postcard to help make your personal website + newsletter the hub of your online identity. 

🚀 Updated writing experience on posts

Posts are the core of Postcard sites, and can be used for both evergreen essays and ephemeral news

Today we're launching a major update to how posts get written and published on Postcard. 

We've rewritten the process of drafting, reviewing, and publishing posts with:
  1. A sleek, modern text editor that makes writing posts easier
  2. A cleaner, more intuitive interface optimized for long-form writing
  3. Auto-save functionality, so you never lose your progress while you write
We'll continue to improve this text editor with additional features in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Try out the new writing experience by signing into Postcard and writing a new post. And, email us your thoughts and feedback!