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New on Postcard: RSS, easier post sharing, and more!

Postcard Updates
This is an occasional update about what's new with Postcard, the easiest way to start a personal website and newsletter!

🚀 New Features:
  • 📶 RSS Support: Postcard's most-requested feature is live! All pages now have a full-text RSS feed. RSS readers should detect support automatically via a meta tag. For those who don't use RSS - know that it's another way for people to follow your posts, and it can be a way to integrate with tools that support RSS.
  •  👋 New share modal: Write once and share everywhere! All posts to your Postcard newsletter automatically appear on your page, like a blog. For people that don't subscribe to your newsletter, we're making it easier to share your posts on other sites - such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Postcard now prompts you to share new posts on other networks. The goal is that you can write once on your Postcard and share it on any social networks you choose:
    Postcard's new Share modal
  • Refreshed the homepage, including featuring some sites made by Postcard users. Check it out!
  • Links now open in a new tab on desktops, including on the homepage and in posts. We heard that people prefer this behavior.
🐛 Bugs:
  • Fixed: Profile photos in emails were buggy.
  • Fixed: Small images weren't centered in posts.
  • Fixed: The loading spinner on the "subscribe" button was triggering too often.  
➡️ Next: 
  • Updating the domain connection process for new users

What would you like to see next? Respond here or email to let me know 🙌